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Wire Pulling Carts

Schotsman's heavy duty wire pulling carts are yet another indication of innovative design, where "The Carts" basic components are used to provide the user with wire pulling equipment unequalled in mobility and stability. Some assembly is required on the carts.

The Cart's dual function involves the 32" and 48" wide units. The bottom shelves of both carts are used to mount the wire pulling assembles (WPA) on. It even allows you to choose flat or tub shelf for the 32" WPA base. (This feature not available on the 48" unit) What's more, both WPA bases can be equipped with 5" solid or 8" casters for better travel on rough terrain.

For the ultimate in possibilities, removing the top section of a three shelf cart in the specified ranges allows you to mount the wire pulling assembly directly on top of the middle shelf, with bottom shelf now available for tools and wiring supplies!

Of course, wire pulling assemblies are also offered as "stand alone" units with base included. Our wire pulling carts also feature a special reel rod clamp design. The "U" shaped metal clamp - which is movable and lockable - has on the inner side a slanted cut-out to accommodate a 1" max. conduit (not included) but is closed on the outside thus keeping the conduit locked in place.



Features and Options

  • Two bases sizes, 32" and 48" wide. Your choice, flat or tub shelf in the 32" size. Solid base design locks wire pulling assembly firmly into place.
  • Comes with 4" swivel casters, two with locks.
  • Can be upgraded to larger casters. Ideal for rough terrain applications.
  • Mobility - Cart will turn into pulling direction. An added convenience for operator.
  • Stability - Low center of gravity. Virtually impossible to tip over.
  • Double capacity - Wire pulling assemblies can be double stacked. (Not recommended when mounting assembly on top of 2nd shelf) Bottom shelf for tools and wire supplies.
  • Reel rod clamps can freely travel full length of support bar and be locked into place at desired location. Convenient when using different sizes of wire reels. Clamps lock into place yet rods can turn freely.


In some instances, where smaller is better for those engaged in wire and cable installations, we manufacture a line of wire pulling products that still offer most of the same exceptional features found in our larger wire dispensing units. Lower priced, yet unequalled in convenience and flexibility.
What makes them so different ?

* First and foremost, our Carts are dual functional: supply carts and also wire dispensing Carts!
* Four wheel design eliminates lifting, as with two wheelers.
* All carts can be dismantled in a minute. Great for transporting from job to job (See Cat. page 2)
* Carts equipped with swivel casters. Will allow sudden change in pulling angle without collapsing.
* Posts are double walled for added strength.
* Design of reel brackets allow for flat or tub shelf interchange ability.
* Carts can be rolled to any location on jobsites. Eliminates repeat set-up time.
* Reel rod brackets will fit MTC carts. For all our other 24” wide carts, additional leg sets required.
* Min. capacity per unit: 6 reels of standard wire. Can be increased to 28 reels on some units.
* One of the best investments you can ever make. Cost effective! Saves time! Improves efficiency!


Model 24WPCD Dolly

Small in stature, big in delivery.
The most practical idea yet in wire dispensing design. Allows for directional swings without tipping!
Measures 18"D. x 24"W. x 14"H. Base comes with 4" casters, 2 with locks. Complete mobility. Easy to transport, ready for service instantly. No need to dismantle and re-assemble Includes 1 set of RRB brackets. Will hold 6 or more standard reels of wire.
(Capacity depends on reels' dia.)
Shown with 2 optional sets of SH-2 handles with added capacity for 4 additional reels of wire (Capacity depends on reels' dia.) Reel rods not included

Model 24WPCDP Dolly

Another practical idea in wire dispensing design. Rods , up to 1/2" size, on which wire reels are mounted, are inserted through opposing holes of RRBP support brackets.

Model 24WPC-16-2S

Supply and Wire dispensing cart, 24” High, 18 x 24 inch 2 shelf cart on 4" casters, 2 with locks. Complete mobility from location to location. Can be knocked down in minutes for convenience of transporting cart. (See Cat. page 2)
Comes with 1 set of RRB* brackets.
Capacity: 6 spools of standard wire or 2 ROMEX/BX reels (Shown)
Can accommodate 4 additional sets of SH-2 handles. Extra capacity 8 reels. Reel rods not included.

Model 24WPC-25-2S

Supply and Wire dispensing cart, 32” High, 18 x 24 inch 2 shelf cart on 4" casters, 2 with locks. Mobility you will appreciate. Can be transported in K.D. form. (See page 2 of catalog)
Comes with 2 sets of RRB* brackets.
Capacity: 12 spools of standard wire or 4 reels of ROMEX/BX
Can accommodate 6 additional sets of optional SH-2 handles. Total capacity approx. 24 spools.
Reel rods not included.

Model 24WPC-216-3S

41” High, 18 x 24 inch 3 shelf cart on 4” casters, 2 with locks. Swivel casters accommodate wire pulling directional changes. Can be transported in K.D. form. (See page 2 of catalog)
Comes with 2 sets of RRB* brackets.
Capacity: 12 spools of standard wire or 4 reels of ROMEX/BX
Options: add SH-2 hangers to transport stepladder or add for additional wire pulling functions.
Reel rods not included.

Note: * May also be ordered with RRBP brackets.

SC24-3-42C CARTS
Shown with optional set of two RRB brackets and four sets of SH-2 handles
SC24-3-34C All in one
Equipped with 2 optional sets of
SH-1 handles for wire pulling action.

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